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'Driftscape' app features hidden and historic Guelph buildings - A CTV Feature

CTV features Driftscape and Downtown Guelph BIA's latest partnership.

Driftscape started featuring the Downtown Guelph's 'Hidden and Historic Guelph' on Friday. This latest addition to the Driftscape app directs tourists and locals of Guelph to 18 of the most well-known and historic areas in the Royal City and offers intimate details about them.

"You use it on your phone and you see what's around you," said DBA executive director Marty Williams. "What's right next to you, what's close to you, what's surrounding you in terms of historic buildings, some that are still here and some that are long gone."

The Guelph DBA is hopeful this will help bring in revenue for a sector of the economy hit hard by the pandemic. To read more click here.


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